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Dog Care Services FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pooper Scooper and Pet Care Services


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How often are dog waste cleanup services scheduled?

Doggy Deuce offers our customers the flexibility to choose a pooper-scooper service schedule. We can work with the size of your yard and the frequency when your yard needs to be cleaned up. We can also work with you to schedule special appointments before a landscaper arrives or an event at your house.

What is the cost for the Doggy Deuce Dog Poop Cleanup Service?

Each customer is treated individually based on the size of your yard, frequency of visits, and the number of dogs. We will work with you to setup a schedule that meets your budgets needs.

What type of vet technician services does Pet's Best Friend Offer?

Doggy Deuce not only offers Dog Waste Removal services, but also an amazing assortment of Pet Care Services through Pet’s Best Friend NJ. On-site visits from our vet technician avoids excessive trips to the vet and the hassle of getting a desirable appointment time, as well as allow you to get things done at home. Vet technician services include regular nail clippings, dental care and cleanup, grooming, administering medicine, and more. Contact us today to find out more.

Check out our latest News Story and Research on why Proper Waste Removal is Essential to Eliminating Risks.

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