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Dogs Need Proper Exercise Regimens Year-Round, Even in Cold Weather

Proper Dog Walking Brings Peace to the Pack, Simulates Primal Pack Hunt for Food

Dog Walker Service New Jersey Bergen County(Oradell, NJ) Colder weather often means less exercise for dogs, which need at least 30 minutes of daily aerobic exercise. According to Chris Rago, owner of Pet’s Best Friend NJ, a division of Oradell, NJ-based Doggy Deuce Removal Service,, “Dogs, like people, are healthier and happier when they get proper exercise, even when the temperatures drop. Yet dog owners may not realize that letting the dog roam around the back yard to relieve himself and get fresh air isn’t giving dog the aerobic fitness they need to keep healthy and agile, plus it also causes the dog to miss out on an primal need: hunting for food with the pack, something dogs are hard wired to do and what a proper walk with the pack leader/owner, simulates. Dog walking replicates a dog’s inherent need for the hunt, and taking that away is damaging not only to the dog’s health, but to his emotions and instincts as well.”

Rago and his team design and implement dog fitness and walking programs for over 30 area dogs, from 10 pound puppies to 150 pound large breed adult dogs. “People are often unaware that a dog walk with the pack leader is a critical component of pack behavior,” explained Rago. “Because people don’t like being out in the cold weather, they often simply let the dog out solo in a fenced in area rather than take him for a structured, proper walk. Most dog owners are unaware of the power and importance of the walk, how to handle the dog, how to hold the leash, how to behave and convey a leadership position.”

Proper dog walking involves a structured approach and continuous leadership from the owner/pack leader. “A dog walking and sniffing 15 feet ahead of his owner is not being walked properly. A proper walk involves the dog walking next to, if not slightly behind, his owner, the pack leader and all his attention is focused on following the leader’s cues,” Rago continued. “The walk is a minimum of 15 minutes in length and involves a brisk pace that is cardio-challenging without causing the dog physical stress. Dog behavior data shows that dogs follow a pack leader, the alpha male/couple, and that the hunt is what keeps dog part of the pack, healthy and fed. Without the proper walk/hunt, dogs may be prone to poor behavior, obesity, cardio system weakness and aggression.”
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Pet Pointers
Issue 2 Fall 2009

Dog Walker Service Begen County NJHello Friends!  Welcome to the second edition of Pet Pointers, the quarterly newsletter from Doggy Deuce Removal and its subsidiary, Pet’s Best Friend NJ.  In this issue, we’ll discuss ways to protect your dog’s paws from the dangers of ice melt, learn about proper canine exercise, and investigate the value of doggy sweaters.  Enjoy the newsletter, and know that we welcome your comments, tips, photos, or suggestions for consideration in future editions.

Fashion “Faux Paw”

Many dog owners adorn their beloved pooches in sweaters and other seasonal garb as soon as the mercury begins to drop.  However, are these articles of clothing really beneficial or necessary?  For larger dogs and canines with double coats, the answer is no as their coats offer ample warmth during the winter months.  On the contrary, small dogs, hairless breeds, and dogs with thin coats are more sensitive to the chill of winter than other dogs.  If you notice that your dog begins to get cold rather quickly, a doggy sweater or hat may just make a blustery January morning feel like the dog days of summer.

Wintry Mix

Dog Walker NJ Snow Winter

While ice melt can prevent dangerous slips and falls during the winter months, it can also create blisters, sores, and infection on your dog’s exposed paws.  Here are some helpful tips to ensure your dog walks merrily in any winter wonderland:

  • Cleanse paws with warm water to remove harmful chemicals and salt.  Do this immediately following your walk to ensure that your furry friend doesn’t lick and ingest any of these toxins.
  • Apply Vaseline to paws before your stroll in icy conditions.  Vaseline will act as a barrier between your dog’s paws and ice melt.
  • Have your dog wear doggy booties.

*Source – American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

Working Out Like a Dog

Staying in shape is just as important for your dog as it is for you.  A sensible exercise program for most dogs would include a minimum of one half-hour walk each day combined with some aerobic exertion such as running or playing fetch.  Daily exercisee has the potential to:

  • Improve agility and movement
  • Build trust and confidence in shy canine
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Diminish digestive problems
  • Reduce typical behavioral issues such as hyperactivity, excessive barking, and digging

*Source – American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

Don’t forget Pet’s Best Friend NJ for holiday gift giving and stocking stuffers! 10% of all holiday gift purchases will be donated to local pet charities PetResQ and Merlin’s Kids!

We will be exhibiting at the Meadowlands Pet Expo, November 21-22, 2009, Saturday 10AM–8PM, Sunday 10AM–6PM.  In addition to our booth, please swing by and see the other tables we are sponsoring, including PetResQ Inc. and the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League, Inc. 

Adult admission - $12
Child admission, 11 and under - $5
Children 3 & Under Admitted Free Leashed pets are welcome! 


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Pet Pointers
Issue 1 - Summer 2009

Hello Friends! Welcome to Pet Pointers, the first quarterly newsletter from Doggy Deuce Removal Service, and it’s subsidiary, Pet’s Best Friend N.J. In this issue, you will find tips on keeping your dog cool in the summer months, a local dog park, and an upcoming event we hope you’ll participate in. Enjoy the newsletter, and know that we welcome your comments, tips, photos, or suggestions for consideration in future editions. Please send them to

Help Your Pup Beat the Heat

With the dog days of summer upon us, dog owners must be vigilant about helping their four-legged friends beat the heat. Following are tips to keep your pooch cool this summer.

  • Never leave a dog in a parked car, even with the windows partially open. Within minutes on a 90 degree day, the interior of a vehicle can reach 160 degrees.
  • Trim heavy-coated dogs’ fur shorter in the summer months to prevent overheating. Be sure to monitor for sunburn and administer pet-friendly sunscreen when recommended by your vet.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise during the midday hours when temperatures are at their highest. Plan jogs and hikes for either early morning hours or evening.
  • Walk along shady, grassy routes; excess exposure to hot pavement can burn dogs’ paws.
  • Make sure to provide plenty of shade and water while dogs are outdoors.

Best of the Area’s Dog Parks

Wooddale County Park. Prospect Avenue, Woodcliff Lake, NJ is one of only five official Bergen County off-leash dog runs. Wooddale’s amenities include waste-removal bags, water fill stations, trash cans, benches, and ample room for dogs to play and socialize off-leash. This fenced in dog run is a popular spot for Bergen County residents and dogs of all sizes and activity levels. Tip: Stay close to your dog to monitor interaction with other dogs and limit activity on hot days.

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Bergen-Based Doggy Deuce Finds a Niche And Takes it to the Dogs
Pet Care and Waste Removal Company Expands in its First Two Years

(Oradell, NJ) After reading about a company in the Midwest that was making big business “pooper scoopering” (dog waste removal), a light went on for Emerson, NJ native Chris Rago. In early 2007, he realized the need for this kind of service in Northern New Jersey, and within a few months, he founded Doggy Deuce Removal Service, Since then, the company, which initially emphasized pooper scooper service in Bergen and Rockland Counties, has grown into a full service pet company and through its new division, Pet’s Best Friend, offers customized dog exercise and walking programs, dog whispering, boarding, sitting and on-site vet technician treatments, such as ear cleaning, nail trimming, tick removal, and flea & tick medication application. Rago attributes his success to being on-time, reliable, great with pets, reasonably priced and a good listener.

“The response was tremendous,” said Rago. “Within a year we established nearly 60 accounts throughout Bergen, Rockland, and Passaic Counties, and now we have over 100,” he continued. Rago believes the pickup in business is due to an increase in pet health awareness. “People are beginning to understand that proper dog walking is an essential element in creating a happy and healthy dog. Most importantly, walking provides leadership and focus for a dog. Our services lead to better behavior and long term health for both dog and owner,” explained Rago.

With all the additional services that have been added to the Doggy Deuce roster since its inception, the pooper scooper service remains its number one seller. “People want to keep their lawns free of waste for obvious sanitary and health reasons, so we expect that demand to stay fairly consistent, and keep growing at a steady pace,” Rago pointed out. “Especially now, with warmer weather here, a lot of dog owners want to do a ‘Spring Cleaning’ of their yard to be able to utilize them more in the summer months.”

One of the biggest changes made to the company is the inclusion of dog whispering into the services offered. Rago and other employees completed dog whisperer training, understanding that the skills were valuable to their clients. “By working with all members of the family and bringing harmony to the pack, this enforces a consistent behavior pattern for a dog to follow. If every member of the family interacts with the dog the same way, s/he will have a much better chance of following the rules correctly, as opposed to members of the family treating and interacting with the dog in any which way they please,” Rago observed.

As the company continues to grow and expand, so does Rago’s vision for Doggy Deuce and Pet’s Best Friend. “We are aiming to open a ‘Doggy Hotel’ sometime soon. This will provide our clients with a facility where we can board dogs comfortably, and to the highest standards of our customers. My ultimate vision is to continue growing Doggy Deuce and Pet’s Best Friend into a national pet services organization and brand, leading the market as a top competitor for all pet service businesses,” Rago explained.

Now, in its second-year of business, Doggy Deuce,, and its Pet’s Best Friend division, offers dog whispering, pet-sitting, customized exercise programs, an extensive array of at-home vet tech services, lawn treatment for burn spots, concrete cleaning and disinfecting, cat litter service (clean, replace, remove), and indoor disinfecting air treatments, as well as 24/7/365 dog walking and pet waste removal. For a complete list of services and a free estimate, visit the Doggy Deuce website or call (201) 663-1879.

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Dog Waste Poses Health Hazard to Water, Humans and Planet
Proper Waste Removal Essential to Eliminating Risks

Dog Waste Sign At The Park(Oradell, NJ: April 8, 2009) Surveys by the Center for Watershed Protection found 41% of respondents rarely or never pick up after their dogs. Unfortunately, many pet owners are either unaware of the dangers not picking up after dogs presents or simply do not have the time to properly dispose of the waste. “Dog waste is a health hazard that needs to be managed consistently,” said Chris Rago, owner of Doggy Deuce Removal Service LLC and Pet’s Best Friend, a pet service company which provides dog exercise, walking, whispering/training, pooper scooper/cat litter service, sitting, and boarding, along with a wide array of at-home vet tech services.

Dog waste that isn’t removed ends up in storm drains, sewer systems, and nearby lakes and streams, all the while bypassing wastewater treatment facilities for proper handling,” explained Rago. Further, a U.S. Geological Survey showed that bacteria associated with pet waste was responsible for approximately 25% of the bacteria collected in samples of local waterways, making water unsafe for drinking. “Doggy Deuce ensures that waste is removed properly by meticulously scouring customers’ yards in multiple patterns and triple bagging collected waste for garbage collection. Customers can also opt for waste to be flushed in their toilets, which enables it to go through sewage treatment facilities, along with household waste.”

Long before the waste even has a chance to pollute watersheds and decrease water quality, it presents a significant health risk to those involved in outdoor activities. Unkempt lawns can become a breeding ground for several diseases associated with pet waste such as:

  • Campylobacteriosis- a bacterial infection that causes diarrhea in humans.
  • Salmonellosis- the most common bacterial infection transmitted to humans from animals. Symptoms include fever, muscle aches, headache, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Toxocarisis- roundworms transmitted from animals to humans. Symptoms include vision loss, rash, fever, or cough.

According to information provided by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Watershed Management, improper disposal of pet waste may also lead to an increase in flies and insects, which can become carriers and transmitters of the aforementioned diseases.

Fortunately, preventing the contamination of watersheds and the spread of disease is an easily won battle for the overtaxed and uninformed owner. “Doggy Deuce does its part to keep the earth clean by removing pet waste from yards which keeps it from attracting vermin, spreading disease, getting into streams, rivers and ultimately our water supply,” added Rago. “Picking up after dogs is an important step in keeping our communities safer, cleaner and healthier, while simply making our yards free of nasty surprises.” Doggy Deuce volunteers its pet waste removal and yard clean up services throughout Bergen County all year round. The company will be cleaning Old Hook Road in Emerson, home town of Chris Rago, on April 25th as part of the town’s Clean Up Day.

In addition to volunteering its services to Emerson’s clean up efforts, Doggy Deuce will be offering its pet waste removal services with a special Mother’s Day and Father’s Day 10% discount with one month sign up to customers mentioning “Mom” or “Dad” at the time of sign up.

Founded in 2007, Oradell, NJ-based Doggy Deuce Removal Services,, offers 24/7/365 dog walking/exercising, dog whispering, an extensive array of at-home vet tech services, pooper scoopering, lawn treatment for burn spots, concrete cleaning and disinfecting, cat litter removal, indoor disinfecting air treatments and other pet services. For a complete list of pet services, visit the Doggy Deuce website or call (201) 663-1879.

Download a copy of the Press Release in PDF format with Cited Sources

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Doggy Deuce Announces Exciting Updates to Our List of Services

Our Vet Technician Services have launched and become extremely popular with our clients. We can visit your dog at your home and provide a unique set of services that promote long term health and well being for your dog.Our Vet Technician Services have launched and become extremely popular with our clients. We can visit your dog at your home and provide a unique set of services that promote long term health and well being for your dog.

  • Vet Technician List Of Services
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Trim
  • Tick Removal
  • Medicine Applicationóexternal/interna
  • Administer Sub Q Fluids
  • Cat/Dog Comb out Mats
  • Cat/Dog Bath
  • Cat/Dog Flea Dip
  • Cat/Dog Shave
  • Ear Cleaning with or without plucking ear hair
  • Eye Drop Application

***Please inquire for price of services.

Call (201) 663-1879 for more information or contact us today through our website.

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Doggy Deuce Removal Service Newsletter Released - Fall 2008

Doggy Deuce Newsletter

New Season Brings New Happenings For Doggy Deuce

Fall into the new season with Doggy Deuce!
Exciting news travels fast, and as some of you may have heard we are expanding our company to serve all your pets needs. We have added new members to our staff in efforts to take Doggy Deuce to the next level. Our team has collaborated on some great ideas to make for another exciting year of Doggy Deuce. In addition to providing a cleaner and greener environment for you and your pets, we are also focusing on the health, well-being and safety of your pets. We are able to achieve these goals and set ourselves apart from the rest through our new additions to the team.

More Talent To Service All Your Needs

I'd like to introduce Michael Chormanski, whom many of you may have met already. Michael has been servicing our daily accounts since the company's inception and is now conducting daily dog walks. He has grown with the company and his responsibility and dedication has proven a valuable asset to Doggy Deuce. Next, I'd like to introduce

Juliana Link who has joined us to manage the office as Director of Operations. She will be managing all day to day office activity including billing, scheduling, special events, etc. Juliana comes to us with a background in business and her experience in the corporate world will be invaluable to us.

Last but not least, we have Lauren Jensen, vet technician on staff who will be handling all pet healthcare needs. Her knowledge and background in pet medicine adds great value to Doggy Deuce and will help us to achieve our goal in meeting all your pet needs. Click here to read the entire Doggy Deuce Newsletter.



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