Dog Waste Poses Health Hazard to Water, Humans and Planet

Proper Waste Removal Essential to Eliminating Risks 

Dog Waste Sign At The Park(Oradell, NJ: April 8, 2009) Surveys by the Center for Watershed Protection found 41% of respondents rarely or never pick up after their dogs. Unfortunately, many pet owners are either unaware of the dangers not picking up after dogs presents or simply do not have the time to properly dispose of the waste. “Dog waste is a health hazard that needs to be managed consistently,” said Chris Rago, owner of Doggy Deuce Removal Service LLC and Pet’s Best Friend, a pet service company which provides dog exercise, walking, whispering/training, pooper scooper/cat litter service, sitting, and boarding, along with a wide array of at-home vet tech services.

Dog waste that isn’t removed ends up in storm drains, sewer systems, and nearby lakes and streams, all the while bypassing wastewater treatment facilities for proper handling,” explained Rago. Further, a U.S. Geological Survey showed that bacteria associated with pet waste was responsible for approximately 25% of the bacteria collected in samples of local waterways, making water unsafe for drinking. “Doggy Deuce ensures that waste is removed properly by meticulously scouring customers’ yards in multiple patterns and triple bagging collected waste for garbage collection. Customers can also opt for waste to be flushed in their toilets, which enables it to go through sewage treatment facilities, along with household waste.”

Long before the waste even has a chance to pollute watersheds and decrease water quality, it presents a significant health risk to those involved in outdoor activities. Unkempt lawns can become a breeding ground for several diseases associated with pet waste such as:

  • Campylobacteriosis- a bacterial infection that causes diarrhea in humans.
  • Salmonellosis- the most common bacterial infection transmitted to humans from animals. Symptoms include fever, muscle aches, headache, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Toxocarisis- roundworms transmitted from animals to humans. Symptoms include vision loss, rash, fever, or cough.

According to information provided by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Watershed Management, improper disposal of pet waste may also lead to an increase in flies and insects, which can become carriers and transmitters of the aforementioned diseases.

Fortunately, preventing the contamination of watersheds and the spread of disease is an easily won battle for the overtaxed and uninformed owner. “Doggy Deuce does its part to keep the earth clean by removing pet waste from yards which keeps it from attracting vermin, spreading disease, getting into streams, rivers and ultimately our water supply,” added Rago. “Picking up after dogs is an important step in keeping our communities safer, cleaner and healthier, while simply making our yards free of nasty surprises.” Doggy Deuce volunteers its pet waste removal and yard clean up services throughout Bergen County all year round. The company will be cleaning Old Hook Road in Emerson, home town of Chris Rago, on April 25th as part of the town’s Clean Up Day.

In addition to volunteering its services to Emerson’s clean up efforts, Doggy Deuce will be offering its pet waste removal services with a special Mother’s Day and Father’s Day 10% discount with one month sign up to customers mentioning “Mom” or “Dad” at the time of sign up.

Founded in 2007, Oradell, NJ-based Doggy Deuce Removal Services,, offers 24/7/365 dog walking/exercising, dog whispering, an extensive array of at-home vet tech services, pooper scoopering, lawn treatment for burn spots, concrete cleaning and disinfecting, cat litter removal, indoor disinfecting air treatments and other pet services. For a complete list of pet services, visit the Doggy Deuce website or call (201) 663-1879.

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