Bergen-Based Doggy Deuce Finds a Niche And Takes it to the Dogs

Pet Care and Waste Removal Company Expands in its First Two Years

(Oradell, NJ) After reading about a company in the Midwest that was making big business “pooper scoopering” (dog waste removal), a light went on for Emerson, NJ native Chris Rago. In early 2007, he realized the need for this kind of service in Northern New Jersey, and within a few months, he founded Doggy Deuce Removal Service, Since then, the company, which initially emphasized pooper scooper service in Bergen and Rockland Counties, has grown into a full service pet company and through its new division, Pet’s Best Friend, offers customized dog exercise and walking programs, dog whispering, boarding, sitting and on-site vet technician treatments, such as ear cleaning, nail trimming, tick removal, and flea & tick medication application. Rago attributes his success to being on-time, reliable, great with pets, reasonably priced and a good listener.

“The response was tremendous,” said Rago. “Within a year we established nearly 60 accounts throughout Bergen, Rockland, and Passaic Counties, and now we have over 100,” he continued. Rago believes the pickup in business is due to an increase in pet health awareness. “People are beginning to understand that proper dog walking is an essential element in creating a happy and healthy dog. Most importantly, walking provides leadership and focus for a dog. Our services lead to better behavior and long term health for both dog and owner,” explained Rago.

With all the additional services that have been added to the Doggy Deuce roster since its inception, the pooper scooper service remains its number one seller. “People want to keep their lawns free of waste for obvious sanitary and health reasons, so we expect that demand to stay fairly consistent, and keep growing at a steady pace,” Rago pointed out. “Especially now, with warmer weather here, a lot of dog owners want to do a ‘Spring Cleaning’ of their yard to be able to utilize them more in the summer months.”

One of the biggest changes made to the company is the inclusion of dog whispering into the services offered. Rago and other employees completed dog whisperer training, understanding that the skills were valuable to their clients. “By working with all members of the family and bringing harmony to the pack, this enforces a consistent behavior pattern for a dog to follow. If every member of the family interacts with the dog the same way, s/he will have a much better chance of following the rules correctly, as opposed to members of the family treating and interacting with the dog in any which way they please,” Rago observed.

As the company continues to grow and expand, so does Rago’s vision for Doggy Deuce and Pet’s Best Friend. “We are aiming to open a ‘Doggy Hotel’ sometime soon. This will provide our clients with a facility where we can board dogs comfortably, and to the highest standards of our customers. My ultimate vision is to continue growing Doggy Deuce and Pet’s Best Friend into a national pet services organization and brand, leading the market as a top competitor for all pet service businesses,” Rago explained.

Now, in its second-year of business, Doggy Deuce,, and its Pet’s Best Friend division, offers dog whispering, pet-sitting, customized exercise programs, an extensive array of at-home vet tech services, lawn treatment for burn spots, concrete cleaning and disinfecting, cat litter service (clean, replace, remove), and indoor disinfecting air treatments, as well as 24/7/365 dog walking and pet waste removal. For a complete list of services and a free estimate, visit the Doggy Deuce website or call (201) 663-1879.

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