Dogs Need Proper Exercise Regimens Year-Round, Even in Cold Weather

Proper Dog Walking Brings Peace to the Pack, Simulates Primal Pack Hunt for Food

Dog Walker Service New Jersey Bergen County(Oradell, NJ) Colder weather often means less exercise for dogs, which need at least 30 minutes of daily aerobic exercise. According to Chris Rago, owner of Pet’s Best Friend NJ, a division of Oradell, NJ-based Doggy Deuce Removal Service,, “Dogs, like people, are healthier and happier when they get proper exercise, even when the temperatures drop. Yet dog owners may not realize that letting the dog roam around the back yard to relieve himself and get fresh air isn’t giving dog the aerobic fitness they need to keep healthy and agile, plus it also causes the dog to miss out on an primal need: hunting for food with the pack, something dogs are hard wired to do and what a proper walk with the pack leader/owner, simulates. Dog walking replicates a dog’s inherent need for the hunt, and taking that away is damaging not only to the dog’s health, but to his emotions and instincts as well.”

Rago and his team design and implement dog fitness and walking programs for over 30 area dogs, from 10 pound puppies to 150 pound large breed adult dogs. “People are often unaware that a dog walk with the pack leader is a critical component of pack behavior,” explained Rago. “Because people don’t like being out in the cold weather, they often simply let the dog out solo in a fenced in area rather than take him for a structured, proper walk. Most dog owners are unaware of the power and importance of the walk, how to handle the dog, how to hold the leash, how to behave and convey a leadership position.”

Proper dog walking involves a structured approach and continuous leadership from the owner/pack leader. “A dog walking and sniffing 15 feet ahead of his owner is not being walked properly. A proper walk involves the dog walking next to, if not slightly behind, his owner, the pack leader and all his attention is focused on following the leader’s cues,” Rago continued. “The walk is a minimum of 15 minutes in length and involves a brisk pace that is cardio-challenging without causing the dog physical stress. Dog behavior data shows that dogs follow a pack leader, the alpha male/couple, and that the hunt is what keeps dog part of the pack, healthy and fed. Without the proper walk/hunt, dogs may be prone to poor behavior, obesity, cardio system weakness and aggression.”

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